Complete the sentences with the Positive, Comparative or Superlative Degrees of Adjectives.
1.The _________________(slow) way to travel from Europe to New York is by ship.
2.Geography is _______________(easy) subject that we study.
3.The ___________________(enjoyable) time of the year in England is Christmas.
4.The Ferrari is __________________(expensive) than the BMW.
5.The food in Italy is _________________(good) than the food in England.
6.My dog is _________________(Big) than your dog.
7.English isn’t as ___________(difficult) as French.
8.French isn’t as ___________(boring) as Science.
9.Mick is ________________(bad) student at school.
10.My mum is ________________(good) cook in the world.

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  1. Slowest
  2. The easiest
  3. Most enjoyable
  4. More expensive
  5. Better
  6. Bigger
  7. Difficult
  8. Boring
  9. The worst
  10. The best

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